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Used to decode a Certificate Signing Request.

  • POSTMethod
  • /v2/ssl/decodecsrURL
  • application/jsonContent-Type
Name Type Required / Optional Description Restrictions
csr String Required The Certificate Signing Request

Successful request

  • 200 OKHTTP Status
  • application/jsonContent-Type
Name Type Required / Optional Description
subject String Optional The full subject
country String Optional The Country code
state String Optional The state
locality String Optional The locality (City)
organization String Optional The organization
organizationalUnit String Optional The organizational unit (Department)
commonName String Optional The common name (domain name)
publicKeySize Integer Required Public key size
publicKeyAlgorithm String Required Public key algorithm
street List <String> Optional The street address
postalCode String Optional The postal/zip code
emailAddress String Optional The email address
altNames List <String> Optional Subject Alternative names
md5 String Required The MD5 hash of the CSR
sha256 String Required The SHA-256 hash of the CSR

Failed requests

Generic errors can be expected.

The Certificate Signing Request

POST /v2/ssl/decodecsr
Content-Type: application/json