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Generic errors

Generic errors can be expected with all calls

Type Status Description
AuthenticationError 401 Unauthorized Authentication failed
AuthenticationRatelimitedError 429 Too Many Requests Authentication failed, rate limited because of too many authentication/authorization failures.
AuthorizationError 403 Forbidden The user does not have permission to execute this request
ConstraintViolationException 400 Bad Request The request parameters did not meet validation
InsufficientCreditException 400 Bad Request Insufficient credit available for action
InternalSRSError 500 Internal Server Error Generic error for all internal error within the system. Please contact support when encountered.
InvalidMessage 400 Bad Request Request message could not be parsed, e.g. invalid JSON
NoContractException 400 Bad Request No contract active for product
ObjectDoesNotExist 400 Bad Request A referenced object does not exist
ObjectExists 400 Bad Request An object with the same name already exists
ObjectStatusProhibitsOperation 400 Bad Request The status of the object prohibits the requested operation
ProcessError 400 Bad Request An unrecoverable error was encountered during the execution of your request
ProviderConnectionError 502 Bad Gateway Connection to the provider failed, please try again later
ProviderUnavailable 503 Service Unavailable The provider for the TLD is not available at this moment
TooManyRequests 429 Too Many Requests Too many requests
UnrecognizedPropertyException 400 Bad Request One of the properties/fields in the request could not be recognized, possibly the field does not exist or the value is incorrect for the type
UnsupportedTld 400 Bad Request TLD is not supported
ValidationError 400 Bad Request The request was syntactically valid but did not meet specific validation rules
Specific errors

These errors only aply to a small subset of available calls, when applicable they will be listed in the posible responses for the call

Type Status Description
AuthCodeInvalidError 400 Bad Request Invalid authorization code
BillableAcknowledgmentNeededException 400 Bad Request
ContactUpdateValidationError 400 Bad Request Contact update is not allowed by constrains laid down by one or more providers using the contact.
DnsConfigurationException 400 Bad Request The DNS records contain errors